Lead Horse is an Atlanta digital marketing agency built for mid-market companies. Our founders spent a decade working at top agencies driving success for Fortune 500 brands only to realize that mid-market companies were underserved. Why does this happen? This occurs simply because large agencies have budget minimums that only large companies can satisfy; forcing mid-market companies to look elsewhere for agency partners. Smaller agencies will accept mid-market companies as clients, but often do not have the expertise or technology in place to offer sophisticated innovation. The result? Mid-market companies find themselves in digital marketing limbo.

At Lead Horse, we solve this problem by delivering the best of both worlds. As a result of our big brand experience, we invest in advanced technology and have world class partnerships. Yet, we run a specialized agency that is laser focused on delivering the expertise, service, and strategic vision that mid-market companies need to be successful in the digital marketing world. Our core services include paid search, paid social, and automation technology. Lead Horse has deep expertise in the healthcare, education, travel, e-commerce, and legal verticals.

We pride ourselves on pushing the envelope when it comes to solving our clients’ complex measurement and tracking challenges. We have partnered with Kenshoo, the leading bid management and predictive marketing software in the industry. Kenshoo delivers unparalleled results by empowering our clients with technology to capture intent and drive interaction with potential customers. Lead Horse’s dynamic call tracking solution gives mid-market companies the ability to tie every phone call lead and phone call purchase that occurs online to individual keyword searches. For clients that have considerable lag times between  the initial point of contact and eventual purchase, we have technology that ties ROI back to the original paid search keyword in Salesforce. And, finally, our agency is a certified partner of Google, guaranteeing that our clients remain on the forefront of emerging opportunities.

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